Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Kick Ass Review

Well its not the first time I’ve written a Kick Ass review :P So I enter the cinema with very little expectations, in fact the only expectation I had was that I would watch a film after paying for a ticket. Indeed this was the case. Not only did I watch a film but I watched a film that KICKED ASS!!! I left the cinema with bruises, a missing tooth and one sore backside……fine I’ll allow one inappropriate joke but that’s all. Like a free glass of cold lemonade for anyone who saves the day, this film is a refreshing take on the superhero world. It manages to make fun of the genre, yet stay completely true to it. I loved how this film abides to a real life setting but still gives you that Hollywood pump of adrenaline that people like me crave in movies. Its a true form of escapism. There are outstanding highlights that make you think the film just walked out of Tony & Guy. Although the film centres on ‘Kick-Ass’, an average lad with altruistic dreams, his limelight is mixed with other fruits and juiced into a smoothie for the true star of the film ‘Hit-Girl’. Chloe Moretz does what the Joker did in ‘The Dark Knight’, what Donkey did in ‘Shrek’ and what Johnny Depp tried to do in ‘Alice in Wonderland’, which is she completely steals the show. It’s like she literally took the reel and projector and ran away with it!!! She plays a foul mouthed, brain washed 13 year old assassin. As awkward as it is to watch her colourfully use weapons with perfect precision and use language right out the ‘Superbad’ world, you cannot help but admire the talent and uniqueness of her character. She is like Natalie Portman’s character in ‘Leon’ but with a harder edge and a better dress sense. I can say, with a odour of spoiler-free ambience, that there is a scene halfway through the film that sets the tone for the remainder of the movie. A tone of relentless brutal violence……like Lady Gaga’s voice. As blood flickers at every inch of the screen you will sit there with eyes wide open and a lustful expression that will make you want to headbutt the cinema staff on your way out.

Great writing knelt down and proposed to great acting and today we have ‘Kick-Ass’, a time to throw rice over your shoulder, throw bouquets and dance with mutual friends………hence why i left the cinema with bruises and a missing tooth……oh you thought it was from the film!?………no no, my friend beat me up coz i arrived at the cinema with a multilayered wedding cake, wearing a tux and tried to dance with him. So anyway, quite simply put, THIS. FILM. KICKS. ASS!!! It kicked MY ass, it kicked everyone else in the cinema’s ass. I bet right now, if you listen very carefully, you can hear the faintest of ass kickings…………………………………pow……SEE!!!

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