Tuesday, 20 April 2010

How To Train Your Dragon (3D) Review

In contrast to the stack of dirty Pampers found at the house of the lady who had octuplets, or more commonly known as Clash of The Titans, this film is a prime example of how to to use 3D to further enhance an already outstanding film. When i first saw the trailer of this film I thought ‘here we have another crappy Dreamwork’s production full of predictably profitable actors and cheap gags’, which isn’t a rash assumption considering their history. However I'm glad to say this film was a Neil Armstrong step in the right direction……y’know, back in the day……when he was on the moon, I'm sure his steps here on earth are slightly underwhelming considering he’s now 79……and the whole gravity thing. Anyway, Dreamwork’s Animations have always been a little hit or miss for me, mostly miss because I’m not big on baseball, but every now and then they churn out a classic. The problem I have with their animations which I'm sure is a shared opinion is that they took the Antz formula, perfected it for Shrek, which worked brilliantly for that particular film, and applied it to every film since. This has forced them into a very narrow lane that has made all their films feel very repetitive and souless. Apart from the ‘Madagascar’ franchise, and their collaborations with Aardman (Flushed Away, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit) I have been disappointed with most of their offerings. But then came Kung Fu Panda, a film with heart, a loveable lead character and jokes that last longer than the time it takes to process them. How To Train Your Dragon is further proof that Dreamworks are putting more feeling into their films. Instead of making platforms for stand up comedy, they are making actual films. HTTYD, despite some questionable dragon designs is a perfect movie. It has a storyline that keeps you riveted whether your a child or a grown up……or both like Benjamin Button. One thing that shook the beans and eggs outta me was how beautifully portrayed the relationship between the lead character, Hiccup and the Dragon, Toothless, is. You really get a sense of connection between the two and you care about them.

Another thing that amazed me in this film are the flight scenes. When the dragons take to the sky you feel like you are right there beside them. The camera keeps you in the heart of the action which, amplified by the 3D element allows you to feel the real dangers and freedom of the situation. The jokes and gags are still there but have been toned down significantly so they do not distract from the film. This is not a comedy film but an action/adventure film that's quite funny. Not only is it an exciting, enjoyable film,it also teaches me how to train MY dragon, Nightmare. Nightmare has always been a notorious little thing. Setting my pyjamas alight, flapping his wings and messing up my documents!! Even sought out the help of Supernanny and she left the next day with mascara down her face and a bald patch. But now he’s right as rain, I may even change his name from Nightmare to Dreamworks……or not. I’ve seen this film twice at the cinema and I’m more than up for seeing it a 3rd time because chances to see this film in 3D wont last long. I recommend this film like a greeting to your friend Lee………anyone get that!?

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