Friday, 23 October 2009

Paranormal Activity Review

paranormal-activity-poster I’m a man who loves a good scare, seriously, if you hid in my wardrobe and jumped out screamin’ “AAAAARRGGGHHH!!! IM A SCARY PINK BUNNY!!!!” forcing me to drop hot porridge down my top that leave mild burn marks on my skin I would be ear to ear smiles……you know, after my heart starts beating again. That being said, I'm a huge horror/thriller film fan and I absolutely love the month October. Forget it being Black history month, to me its the month that brings a much welcomed gift basket of blood n guts, gore montages, suspense and serial killer lunacy. The problem is that there are a lot of horror films that fail miserably to evoke any type of reaction from me. I’m a guy who likes to get goosebumps so hard they could grate cheese!! I therefore always make sure I am in the right type of environment and mind frame to give the film every opportunity to scare the maracas outta me……(unfortunate mishap while having dinner in Mexico…but that’s another story)

Paranormal Activity is one of those special films that come out once every so often that blows you away…or in this case, has you shaking so hard your chair gets aroused. It’s almost as scary as old dentists……but lets face it, nothing is as scary as old dentists!!! Some of the best horror films are the ones with no gore, no visual attacks and a bucketful of suspense. This is that sort of film. It does not rely on any fancy effects to get your heart racing. Instead it takes a subtle approach, using its modest budget of $11,000 to get you into a space where you are terrified with every light flicker or footstep. It kinda reminds me of ‘The Others’ in its story telling method. I think it is a genius way of scaring people. Director ‘Oren Peli’ uses the element of ‘not knowing’ to scare the audience. We are merely given suggestive subtleties that instead of showing you what to be scared of, leaves your imagination to create what you consider to be scary and ultimately leave you in a draconian state of fear. Paranormal Activity is another film that successfully uses the handheld camera technique like ‘Cloverfield’ and ‘[Rec]’, without the nauseous shaky camera nuisance. It is made in a documentary-esque style which is highlighted by the realistic acting (not on the same level as [Rec] but commendable nonetheless). I must admit it did take a while to get into and the first half is somewhat of a mediocre bore but things begin to pick up midway. By the end I was left slightly paranoid. Could it have been the shadows on the walls?? or maybe the squeaking door?? or maybe the old dentist standing in the corner watching me?? In any case it gave me the fear I love to experience and gets my two thumbs up……well just one actually, but you see, I was biting my nails so much I didn’t stop til my left arm was half gone and I’m typing this one handed (Thank God for the second shift key or question marks would’ve been a problem). Anyway SEE THIS FILM!!! IT HAS NORMAL ACTIVITIES THAT ARE SOMEWHAT PARA!!! :D (8/10)

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