Monday, 28 September 2009

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs Review

Well I must admit my experience did not start off very well. As with most recent 3D films Pixar’s ‘UP’ trailer was shown. My most highly anticipated film since ‘Wall-E’, claiming it was coming to our screens “Summer 2009” which it clearly didn’t!! I couldn’t resist yelling out a very passionate “SUMMER MY ASS!!” which made all the surrounding kids and parent look at me. I then realised it sounded as if i had offered “SOME OF MY ASS!!”  which clearly granted the faces of disgust and concern. Anyhow, let me start by saying this film was AMAZING!!! UTTERLY ENTERTAINING IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD!!! IT ENETRTAINED MY EYES, MY EARS, MY BRAIN……EVEN MY ELBOWS WHERE LOVIN IT!! It was exactly like my last karate teacher Sensei Shanal (I do crack myself up sometimes……why isn’t anyone else laughing………SENSATIONAL!!?………there you go). Putting aside the beautiful visuals, the jaw-dropping attention to detail and the fact that this is supposedly a “kids film”, it was one of the funniest films I have seen in ages!! I’m telling you folks, I could not stop laughing!! well actually I did stop once but when you have a butt itch it deserves your full attention. I was IN STITCHES!! and I’m not talking about my jumper!! This is a true animation that appeals to the toddlers, who still don’t appreciate the invention of the toilet, all the way to the elderly, who don't understand what animation is and are trying to figure out how they covered a whole town in ice cream. I had no real motivation to see this film other than it was in 3D and from the trailer it didn’t look like the worse film in the world. I was quite dubious with my curiosity seeing as what it did to the cat and all. However, I’m so glad I saw it because it truly is one of the best films this year.

The characters are so well thought out and interact brilliantly, each provide individual hilarious aspects to make the town of ‘Swallow Falls’ an exciting location. The voice talents are exceptionally cast (Although I must admit I have no idea who Bill Hader was until I Imdb’d him). Hader plays Flint Lockwood, an inventor who has very similar issues to the younger, shorter, and lets face it, more adorable Jimmy Neutron. His inventions don't always go as planned but he is desperate to prove himself. Anna Farris provided her character Sam Sparks with a very endearing quality and puts her as one of my favourite CGI female characters along with ‘Boo’ from ‘Monster’s Inc’ and ‘Dory’ from Finding ‘Nemo’. One stand out performance was from Mr. T who plays an athletic, dedicated, over-active town cop and a loving father to his little son Cal who has the most square shaped head EVER!!, it looked like he had a cardboard box on his shoulders. There are also some breathtaking wide shots so anyone with bad lungs stay well away. There are pant-soiling visuals such as a tornado made of spaghetti bolognaise and a giant Jello house in the middle of a field that truly astounds. There is a particular shot when these purplely-orange radiant clouds drift in that looked so damn beautiful tears streamed down my cheeks……oops…err……did I say tears? i meant SWEAT!! running down but BUTT CHEEKS!! IT WAS HOT IN THE CINEMA!!!………FINE, I CRIED!! BUT THE GUY BEHIND ME HAD A HOTDOG WITH A LOT OF ONIONS SO WE CANT SOLELY PIN IT DOWN TO THOSE CLOUDS!!!

What I still cant get over is that this egg was laid by a ‘Sony Animation’ chicken!! Who you ask?? The people responsible for the film we do not speak of (Open Season) and the equally mediocre ‘Surf’s Up’ and ‘Monster house’. ‘Cloudy’ is like a son from a dull, unpopular, isolated family that grows up to be a infamous entrepreneur. Dare I say it achieves what Dreamworks still fail to do and that is almost come on par with a Pixar film. Will wonders never cease……well?……WILL YOU??……OI WONDERS IM TALKING TO YOU!! Anyways, THIS FILM IS AWESOMISATIONAL!!! But I could be talking rubbish, you gotta see for yourself…… like when I went into battle with a Parker and ultimately proved the pen is NOT mightier than the sword, ITS A MUST-SEE!!!! (9/10)

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imjoey said...

oh my! this was just FULL of JOKES! loved it! i also love this spelling..."ENETRTAINED", its so brilliant, i dont care what mini joey says!! she can take her spell check and get on a plane to cuba...
please don't change it!