Thursday, 30 April 2009

Wolverine Review

You know when I asked Wolvy if I should watch his film he gave me 3 rather unpleasant cuts across my chest. As cool as the scars will look I must say I was rather put off. Despite this I went and found it quite enjoyable. Not FULLY enjoyable, but not SLIGHTLY enjoyable. Almost like that feeling when you find a tenner in your pocket, its not a twenty but its not a fiver neither. It is a very noticeable new approach on the X-Men franchise. Gone are the shiny, smooth and pleasing locations, replaced with more rough, hard edged, gritty ones. There is also a more orange/brown tint to the film as opposed to the colder blue’s and greens of the other X-men films. All This is welcomed as a way to break away from the previous film and stand as an individual movie. One thing I'm glad about is the level of mutants. Many people complain that there are too many and it ruins the concentrations on wolverine…I say WAT THE HELL ARE YOU ON ABOUT!!! I LOVE SEEING NEW MUTANTS!! I SAY WEL KILL A FEW HUMANS TO MAKE ROOM FOR MORE MUTANTS!!! MUTANTS ARE THE FUTURE DAMMIT!!!! The problem is people have far too high expectation for highly anticipated films like this. Had Iron Man been this hyped prior to its release it would have not been as well accepted as it was. Also people need to stop nitpicking!! Its like you walk into the cinema with a Sherlock Holmes outfit on and an Inspector Gadget hat with a giant magnifying glass coming out of it, watching the film through a fine toothed comb searching for faults. Accept it for what it is and either you like it or you don't. Do not moan and bitch about it using every complaint in the “Complaints for Dummies” Book!!

I would like to point out that although yes the story was not as concrete as it could have been but ‘Wolverine’ did not deserve the lousy 2 star review it got from Empire. Wolverine hasn’t shut up about it and he is quite upset to say the least. In our kitchen is a sliced pineapple, a sliced toaster and a fridge with new departments. I I were you I’d sleep with one eye open as I’ve leaned to do after eating his last pop tart (boy he was more upset than the time he saw Homer Simpson whipping those wolves in the Simpson Movie). I say screw the critics and go watch this….Or he may pay you a visit too!!

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juabra-joey said...

the more mutants the better! and thats my tenner by the way, i'd like it back!
maaan! i totally wish i hadn't seen it now, so that i could get paid a visit!!