Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Uninvited Review

I could sum this up in one word. LAME!! but where’s the fun in that? Ok so it had a few suspense-ish moments and a couple of hot-ish chicks but I require a tad more substance than that. This film is like rubbing an onion on your eyeball whilst staring directly at the sun (which my doctor tells me I should stop doing) I'm not entirely sure I even understood the ending because it was so loosely put together!! “Daniel don't you think that's why you think it’s lame, because your not smart enough to understand it?”……NO!! I understand just fine!! I understand that the writer’s wife was pregnant at the time he was about to conclude the story and he got “the phone call”. “MARK YOU SON OF……HAVING THE BA………GET YOUR SORRY ASS………LIZABETH HOSPITAL………PAIN IS UNBAREAB………GONNA KILL YOU……HURRY!!!!”. So he quickly copied the ending from a kids book he had bought for his unborn child and was out the door!! YEA I UNDERSTAND JUST FINE!!!

Anyhow cant write much about this film coz truthfully I don’t have much of an opinion on this film other than ‘Lame’. Don't rule it out entirely, its one of those films to catch if its on TV and there is nothing better to watch. Like I said, (or wrote) It has a few suspense-ish moments (actually I think I said it too)

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