Thursday, 30 April 2009

Let The Right One In Review

Ok, the comparison to Twilight is unavoidable so lets just start there shall we. ‘Let the right one in’ stomps all over ‘Twilight’ like a baby lion cub in a wildebeest stampede. Like it had the nuclear weapons Bush was looking for and ‘Twilight’ had that small Cricket gun Will Smith had in ‘Men In Black’. LIKE BRUCE LEE FIGHTING THE KARATE KID!! IT BEATS’TWILIGHT’ IN EVERY SINGLE DEPARTMENT LIKE MIKE TYSON GOING ROUND DEBENHAMS PUNCHING PEOPLE ON EVERY FLOOR!!! I JUST WANNA PUT A BANDAGE ON THE ‘TWILIGHT’ DVD CASE. ITS LIKE COMPARING A SPEILBERG FILM TO A KELLY OSBOURNE HOME VIDEO!!! LIKE COMPARING A NASA ROCKET TO A CHILDS ROCKET MADE AT SCHOOL OUT OF AN EMPTY SPRITE BOTTLE AND AN OLD RICE KRISPIES CEREAL BOX!!! ‘LET THE RIGHT ONE IN’ ABSOLUTELY CHRIS BROWN’D ‘TWILIGHT’………too far!?

The story is brilliantly paced and has no novelty vampire elements. The film takes it’s small budget and completely Alan Sugar’s it to become something more impressive than a film with twice the budget. The acting is suitable and fairly impressive at times considering the two main actors are children. One thing I found strange was the amount of characters in the film who’s gender was hard to identify. It’s like the casting crew put out an ad for girls who looked like boys and boys who looked like girls and hired them al!! This however, adds to the eeriness of the film and the overall unease feeling you experience watching it. This film doesn't try to be scary and truthfully its not but whilst watching it I couldn't help but feel slightly uncomfortable. Could it be the peculiar location? could it be the citizens of the peculiar location? could it be the clothes on the citizens of the peculiar location?? It could well be, but whatever it was I enjoyed it!! But to be fair ‘Twilight’ also made me feel uneasy, could it have been the rubbish acting? could it have been the disgustingly bad script that dictated the rubbish acting? Could it have been the shamefully cheap paper the disgustingly bad script was written on that dictated the rubbish acting? It could well be (Joey if your still reading this I applaud your tolerance :P)

‘Twilight’ bashing aside I can say doubtlessly that ‘Let the right one in’ was an example to vampire films alike and proves that great special effects, famous casts, and wall to wall guts and gore is not essential to set the right tone for a vampire film. Once again I have failed to tell you what's good about this film but I trust me when I say its a good’en. At least I managed to KO ‘Twilight’ and as I failed to bring myself to demolish it in its own review I consider this a ‘two birds, one stone’ situation….Well my times up, you guys have been great, make sure to catch next episode when we’ll have ‘Simon Cowell’ on the show….and now, to play us out ‘MAXIMO PARK!!!!!’………Id sooo make a good talk show host :P

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juabra-joey said...

ok, so it seems im extremely extremely tolerant. i didn't know you were going to be this harsh, but its okay cos you're making up for it with my diamond and pearl friendship bracelet.
be a talk show host! be a talk show host!
and make your first guest edward cullen, so he can step on you :p