Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Vicky Christina Barcelona Review

Here we have yet another Woody Allen gem. I remember talking to Woody right before I saw how hell had frozen over on the news and saying how awesome it would be if a fit woman like Scarlett Johansson made out with another fit woman like…I dunno…Penelope Cruz and here we are 2 years later and what do you know, Vicky Christina Barcelona comes along. I think our next conversation will include how awesome it would be if a certain Daniel Jackson won the lottery!! This was a thoroughly enjoyable movie experience. Mr. Allen's films for me are always pleasant because they are uniquely simple with regards to the story outline, and dialogue. Its almost childish film making, but amongst all the serious films that focus on making you feel certain emotions his films are, mature yet refreshingly light-hearted entertainment. Not that I'm adverse to using my brain whilst watching a film but sometimes it's nice to watch a film outside the comedy genre that doesn't require as much concentration as playing that ‘Operation’ game.

Since Scarlett’s performance in ‘Lost In Translation’ I’ve thought she would exceed in more ambitious roles however, since then, I am yet to see her in a role that offers more than shallow, novice, portrayals. I guess in this instance it was appropriate due to the nature of the film…..speaking of which, Woody does like to have her in a lot of his films….hmmm….dirty old man…….filthy old man…..LUCKY OLD MAN!!!! Someone who really impressed me in this film was Penelope Cruz, her character was so interesting to watch…AND THATS NOT EVEN AN INNUENDO…..I ACTUALLY MEAN HER CHARACTER!! She plays a slightly neurotic ex-wife who has a real dark side to her personality which is shown exceptionally through her performance. I understand now why she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars. So both her beauty AND her performance blew me away…IM SURPRISED IM STILL HERE…ALIVE….AND NOT A PILE OF DUST PARTICLES IN THE CORNER SOMEWHERE….IM LIKE THE LITTLE PIG WHO MADE HIS HOUSE OF BRICKS :D not that Id deny her to blow me away………now that WAS an innuendo………sorry…….yes I am ashamed of myself…..I am I swear……what smile??………I'm not!!……well now your making me smile……….THATS CHEATING!!! Anyway I'm rambling now so I shall conclude by saying VCB is definitely worth your time if your in the mood for something not too heavy or complicated

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juabra-joey said...

A well written hilarious little piece of blog.

Just more evidence that you are the innuendorizer. not me.

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