Friday, 13 March 2009

Gran Torino Review

After watching this film and the recently viewed ‘Changeling’ I feel as if I'm in a parallel world where the word ‘Film’ is defined as story’s of pure excellence. Where ALL films being produced are EPIC or MASTERPIECES or CULTRAL INFLUENCES!! A world where films like ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’ and ‘Space Chimps’ don’t exist. Where people like ‘Keanu Reeves’ and ‘Ashton Kutcher’ are merely fast food employees who serve you everything but what you ordered. This film is simply AMAZING!! Amazingly written, amazingly directed, amazingly well acted (with the exception of one), and amazingly paced. Its like everyone who worked on the film had a BA degree in amazingness!! Like it was a requirement or something!! If you didn’t boast how amazing you are on your CV then you didn't make the cut. I can just see the HR team now, going through all the Resumes……."I am reliable, self-motivated, can work well in a group and I’m amazing…….yep…he’s in!”

This film focuses on a grumpy, war hardened veteran who recently lost his wife and now lives in solitude, protective of his bubble of desolation. Things take a turn when the Asian family next door is thrust into his life (can I get away with that?….thrust!?……..sounds a bit wrong…..hmmmm……no don't change it….no leave it alone…..look the damage is already done… your just drawing attention to it, no one even noticed it….people say ‘thrust’ all the time…..just do like Barbara Windsor and ‘Carry on’… know, Peggy!?…..oh never mind…JUST GET ON WITH IT!!!)

Beneath the raw surface of this temperamental character lays a old man in a forever evolving world. Whilst assumingly mourning the loss of his wife he also begins to lose the fight on his prejudice ways leaving him vulnerable to accept the new world around him. This is all displayed amazingly (last one i promise) in a mixture of violence, foul language, brilliant humour and excessive racial slurs balanced out with heart-warming unifying scenes. I must say Clint Eastwood really is getting better with time and what surprises me the most is how funny this geezer is. I was in tears at some of the gags but best of all is his unintentional comedy. You know how everyone knows someone like an uncle or granddad who says things in a dead serious tone but ultimately comes across in a hilarious way, Eastwood is just like that.

All throughout the movie I was in awe of the film making, such class, such couth. It was like a lecture on cinematography, I felt like I should have been taking notes, I had my eyes peeled the whole time……..JEEZ!!! what a HORRIFIC SAYING!!! You never really realise how awful some sayings are until you write them down…..HAD MY EYES PEELED!? COR BLIMEY!!!……….oh great here comes the visual……no,no,NO,NO!! THATS FOR POTATOES!! PUT THAT DOWN!!!….whoever came up with that saying I hope your happy!! IM GONNA HAVE NIGHTMARES NOW!!!

I highly recommend this film to everyone, its an exceptional piece of work which I will definitely add to my DVD collection. (ok this is the last one) Amazing!!

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