Friday, 13 March 2009

Changeling Review

Firstly I wish all films had a title that taught me a new word (‘Changeling’; a child surreptitiously or unintentionally substituted for another……how about that!!… to find out what ‘surreptitiously’ means lol) I have nothing but praise for this film, and you cant even pin it down to my easily impressed nature because Jolie got an Oscar nomination for this. Angelina truly astounded me with this performance. Just like her partner Mr. Pitt I never really considered her an actor who faired well in serious roles and seeming quite one dimensional in ability. Obviously there are the exceptions such as ‘Girl, Interrupted’ and ‘The Bone Collector’ just as Pitt had ‘Babel’ and ‘The Assassination of Jesse James’ but even still she never struck me as a stand out performer….or of ‘virtuoso’ status (hey you gotta keep using these words if you want them to stick lol…… readers are like “what the hell”) I am proud to say I was thoroughly impressed by how she grasped this mildly difficult role but turned it into a performance that she probably now writes in red capitals, in a bigger font size, then circles and highlights on her CV.

She portrays a very reserved and dignified woman who loses her son and is bullied by the police who force a different boy upon her and insist it is her son. It was the perfect role for her to show off her versatility and prove to people, like me, how talented she actually is. This is exactly what she did, she WOW’d the socks off me so much that they hit me in the back of my head with all sorts of foreign stamps on them looking like Richard Branson’s passport. Two thumbs up from me, and hell I’ll even throw up a big toe (…….erm…..i do hope you understand I'm not actually “throwing up” a big toe, I'm putting it in the air like you do with thumbs….Id hate you to think I'm some sort of cannibal who has a strong preference for big toes, who occasionally throws them up after seeing a enjoyable film……just to clarify…….oh dear….)

The direction was pretty darn snazzy too, you could tell someone with experience was behind the wheel. Its times like this that I'm glad I am not a serious film critic as there are numerous opinions from serious film buffs saying how Clint Eastwood played it safe and didn't really put much effort into this project. I, however, feel differently. I was very pleased with the overall direction of this film. Sure it didn't have any fancy camera tricks or experimental qualities but this is a film that has a strong enough story to be the driving force and indeed it was. It has ridiculous emotional control, its as if the film literally sticks an antenna in your heart and drives it about like a remote control toy car!! A job well done in my opinion….i give it two thumbs up, hell I’ll even throw up a big toe……hang on…..aint I already did this bit…..Anyhow…this is definitely worth your time so when someone stops you in the street and asks you for your watch in exchange for the DVD say YES!!

Are you impressed??…..a whole review on an Angelina Jolie film without once mentioning her lips………DAMMIT!!!

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