Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Seven Pounds Review

Ok so I have spent like 3 weeks trying to figure out whether or not I like this film (not solely doing that mind you, its not as if Iv been sat like ‘The Thinker’ statue for 3 weeks solid in deep contemplation, starving myself therefore not needing toilet breaks…….err…….where was I again…..oh yea, closing brackets) So I gotta admit I still haven’t reached a decision so this review will probably be just a short ramble from yours truly. I clearly remember leaving the cinema with a baffled look on my face, the same look Id make if you asked me to point out Kazakhstan on a world map. Will Smith is one of my favourites in the magical land of Hollywood. I still remember watching ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ giving myself similar names such as ‘The Fresh Cat Of Lewisham’ which admittedly never had the same flow off the tongue but hey I was still at an age where Smarties and Ice cream was a suitable breakfast. I had expectations of elephant proportions for this film as the last offering from Smith and Muccino was ‘The Pursuit Of Happyness’ which I bet even left Vin Diesel with a tear in his eye. I'm surprised cinemas didn't cover the floors in Charmin kitchen paper towels to absorb all the tears and avoid mass drownings. I bet Titanic fans who once cried everytime Jack dies now sit through that film unaffected. Unfortunately I dont think ‘Seven Pounds’ has that same emotional control although it clearly tries to.

Smith’s performance gets a biased 2 thumbs up, the man can do no wrong in my eye’s (is that how the saying goes?? can do no wrong in my eye’s?? Thinking about it he probably could….I mean, I wouldn't trust him to give me laser eye surgery or anything) But yea he easily reached virtuoso status….(virtuoso :P it means ‘exceptional performer’…its my word of the Day….I try to fit them in in an attempt to sound smart but usually forget them as soon as I reach the next sentence). I must say the chemistry between him and Rosario Dawson was amazing. They worked together before in ‘Men In Black 2’ where they also served as each others love interests but this time you notice the growth and depth of their craft. Despite the passionate performances the story for me lowered the films marks substantially like my dissertation to my overall degree grade. I felt robbed of the special ending it built up to. That being said, I'm sure after another viewing I would watch it for what it is and appreciate it more rather than watching it as a descendant of ‘The Pursuit…’

At the end of the day, although I’m still baffled on a verdict (and as to where Kazakhstan is) I will not hesitate on the purchase of this film on Blu-Ray when it comes out, now if you’ll excuse me I'm off to have some smarties and ice cream…..no not for breakfast……I swear!!!

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juabra-joey said...

the words that come out of the amazing organ that is your brain, never fail to blow me away. i can't fathom how it happens, that you can come up with such "virtuoso".
and where's my smarties and ice cream? eh?