Friday, 16 January 2009

The Wrestler Review

Now I must admit when all these statements came flying about like "Mickey Rourke returns to form" and "Witness the resurrection of Micky Rourke" I thought to myself "who the hell IS Mickey Rourke". I know a lot of you are actually disgusted by that and your now literally googling me to see if you can find an address to whoop my ass but only finding the lead character from Stargate, but its not my fault. The only other film I have seen him in is Sin City.

I can confirm though that this film is a major highlight for any actors CV, Mr Rourke delivers an amazing performance to a well thought-out story. There are brilliantly executed scenes that show the desperation of a popular yet lonely aging wrestler who lives to wrestle. I usually don't like films like these that are based around isolation and desuetude issues because they are commonly slow paced. This is no exception, among the few scenes of action is scenes upon scenes of turtle paced substance. I know films are incomplete without the substance but seriously I felt like I could feel my hair growing sometimes.....could you imagine if wrestlers were that slow, I could put the kettle on, have a cup of tea, sleep with someone, have a baby boy AND celebrate his 21st birthday before they landed a punch!! That being said, the pace is actually perfect for the film and made for a more emotionally charged deliverance.

Direction was great, no Spielberg camera tricks from Mr. Aronofsky but visually well targeted for a complete understanding of the story. Speaking of camera tricks there was an immense usage of shoots where the camera was behind Randy 'The Ram' Robinson, simply following him everywhere. It kinda reminded me of my old primary school stalking days where the sight of the back of Allison was more frequent than desperate shoppers on Christmas eve. I became quite familiarised with the back of Rourke's head watching this film....ask me how many hair extensions he had on.....go on, ask me!! The fight scenes are raw, hardcore madness with much of the stunts done by the actors themselves, it made WCW look like happyslap.

Anywho, a great film that makes you scared to grow old, makes you paranoid about passing your prime and gets you thinking of your downhill journey to cabbagehood.....but in a good way :P Definitely worth of a few Oscars me thinks...Now where's my Smackdown Vs Raw PS3 game.....Hmmm

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