Thursday, 1 January 2009

The Spirit Review

This is another 'A Scanner Darkly' in the sense that it gets you all hyped up from the first few development pictures you see with the amazing artistic direction, makes you wait for a year building you up more month by month and then when the film finally hits the cinema and you've got your ticket, popcorn and in my case nachos, it pulls off its mask of attraction and you see this uninviting body of mess thats screamin "HAHAHA I FOOLED YOU...SUCKER!!!!!" (wow thats a long English teacher wouldn't approve...oh crap, its still going, WHERE THE HELL IS THE FULL STOP BUTTON). (phew)
Ok so it probably not that bad, i tend to get excited when slating a film. Visually it was everything I expected to be. Filled with lovely blocks of colour mixed with live action creating visuals to trick your mind with delight, and all that jazz, BUT...
The story is not well written, the script is not any better and the acting is a joke (and not the good kind, its like a Krusty the Clown joke).
The casting is also on my flaws list. Gabriel Macht is plain rubbish, Sam L. Jackson does his reoccurring angry black guy routine, Scarlett Johansson, although always a pleasure to look at, is horrific!! Maybe its just Frank Millers fault, after all it is his directorial debut, maybe he's like a new teacher who hasn't quite got to grips on how to control his students therefore not allowing them to show their true potential. All except for little miss Eva Mendes at the front of the class, who gave all the correct answers and did all her homework, a true straight 'A' student. Not only did she bless us with her amazing body...and it is amazing...she also gave a leading role performance. Can I just reiterate how amazing that woman's body is, seriously, had the film finished when we see a quick shot of her kaboose this review would have gone a totally different direction (why do you think we keep watching Training sure as hell aint for Denzel).
Despite the jungle of crap there where some undeniably phenomenal scenes that you cant help but be in awe of. Overall, not what it could have been, Miller needs to forget about this and get started on Sin City 2

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