Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Jack Bauer, My Hero

Ok 24, the BEST SHOW IN THE WHOLE FREAKIN UNIVERSE!!! makes its long awaited return to our screens (well Americas screens) on the 11th Jan, and I am more than a little excited. This show really is the best show in the universe. Its so good it makes me wanna cry at the fact that each season only focuses on one day and not a whole year in the shoes of Jack Bauer. This is the show that makes you ruin the edge of your seat because your always on it. The show that makes your brain stop sending signals to your eyelids so you don't blink and miss anything. The show that makes you paranoid that your friend could be a leak for some terrorist organisation to the point you report him to the police every other Friday night.

This time last year I was gearing up for the return of 24 with so much excitement that I wore a nappy in fear that Id wet myself, but then, like the hurricane Katrina, we was hit with the writers strike. The strike of all strikes, the Alpha and Omega of strikes that had me in and out of cardiac arrest like an exposed pacemaker in a rain storm. Why couldn't it have been a fireman strike, or an doctors strike, why did it have to be an important strike. Bloody writers, don't they realise they are messing with peoples lives, as well as putting theirs on the line. Anyway, this led to the show temporarily being put on hiatus before being shifted to a 2009 arrival. After a year of cursing the heavens, and a dark period of punching the faces of any writer I could get my hands on (even if they merely wrote a slogan for the latest cereal), we are back with 24 on the horizon.

All is right with the world again, and now we can rejoice in the premise that Mr. Bauer will be making terrorist beg for mercy by....any.....means.....necessary!!
Jack Bauer, the man that makes James Bond look like a care bear. The man who makes you wake up in the morning and sigh when you look in the mirror and realise your not him. The man who could interrogate a 3 year old girl and threaten to kill her mother if she didn't tell him where she hid the chocolate chip cookies, but still make you crap your pants in sheer delight. He's like John McClane, Jason Bourne and Rambo mixed in a lovely man killing bundle. God bless you Jack Bauer

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juabra-joey said...

if i didn't watch 24, this would make me want to. you're amazing. who else would things like this to say?!