Saturday, 20 December 2008

Quantum of Solace Review

Ok so the first time I watched this I pretty much slept through 85% of it (it had been a very loooooong week) but as I am such a fan of the revamped Daniel Craig Bond I decided to hit the cinema again to show it some respect. Im glad to say my respect had not been misplaced. This addition stinks so vigorously of class and style I almost suffocated in my seat. It almost felt like I didnt deserve to see it, like I was a street-sweeper travelling first class or Ronald McDonald eating lobster. The action is as well handled as Casino Royale. I particularly liked the fight/chase scene between Bond and Mitchell, the choreography appears very organic and has an smooth flow between sequences. One thing I must say is that if I was Bond I would stay away from all modes of transportation because one way or another someone is gonna try and kill you. He drives a car, someone tries to kill him, he flys a helicopter, someone tries to kill him. Hell I bet he could put on a pair of roller blades and someone will try to stab him. Its like random hitmen going about their daily business are horrified by the sight of him trying to get somewhere to the point they just wanna chop off his walnuts!! I guess thats the world he lives in.

Olga Kurylenko plays her role as the next "Bond Girl" brilliantly (or really badly...I cant really tell as I was blinded by her amazing body.....face....EVERYTHING!!!) I will be honored to place this film next to my Casino Royale blu-ray... (and just a thought for you blu-ray content bout a few HUNDRED HQ pictures of Olga as a bonus. You got the space for it)

A definate must see, but dress up a bit for it or you'll feel la little be-littled

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