Saturday, 13 September 2008

Mirrors Review

Just the mention of Kiether Sutherland gets me more excited than a teenage girl at an N*Sync concert, so it was a no-brainer for me to watch this. Although the script could have been more polished this movie does the job ensuring the nice balance of suspense, gore, and "oh my God I think I just crapped my pants" moments. I personally found a lot of the scenes quite humorous due to Sutherlands inability to shake the 24 Jack Bauer traits. Many occasions sees him reverting to Bauers aggressive orders and merciless interrogation's but does it bother! Place Jack Bauer in a Power Ranger Movie and I'll still be throwing popcorn at the screen encouraging him to kidnap the bad guys son, hold him hostage and rough him up until the villain cowers. This film also gained brownie points by hosting two very sexy individuals (no not Sutherland.......well). Amy Smart who whenever I see, reminds me of her saucy scene in Road Trip, and Paula Patton who Im convinced is worthy enough to be Gods wife (hope thats not blasphemy, Im relying on the man upstairs to make her see sense and marry me......Robin Thicke you lucky son-of-a-gun!!). Decent film , not genre defining but easily an enjoyable watch

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