Monday, 14 July 2008

Iron Man Review

I gave this film an extra half a star than it really deserves because I wasn't really impressed by the trailers and was expecting it to be as lame as 'Daredevil' but by-golly (i know, i thought i'd give it a try.......sorry) it actually turned out to be a pretty sound way to spend 2hrs. Tony Stark is a refreshing character in the marvel lab, and is beautifully brought to life by Robert Downey Jr, he kicks ass. Just a difficult must it be to go loo in that suit, unless it has a little part round the crotch that automatically pops open like his mask but still pretty damn arward. The special effects are the standard every Marvel film should be, top notch (dammit, did it again). Then again, it would also need a pop-open part for the booty when u need a dump.........erm, yeaaaa. Quality film, one for the collection. Hang on, thought, why's he called "iron"man, he aint made of iron....i mean, by that logic we would call 'superman' Spandex with over-underwear sorry this is what happens when i let my brain loose. WATCH THE FILM!

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