Monday, 28 July 2008

Speed Racer Review

I will now demonstrate why people regard me as "simple", "easily pleased" and "immature". THIS FILM WAS FREAKIN AMAZIN!!!!!! The whole movie was sweeter than sherbert-covered suger cubes!! The visual style is what attracted me to this film and it never let me down throughout the film, mainly coz the actual story was pretty snazzy (unlike A Scanner Darkly, biggest letdown since Paris Hilton's sex tape). Now usually films with predictable endings really let you down in terms of an acceptable climax but this film dropped its wacky races styled antics to reveal ONE MONSTER OF A RACE FINALE WHICH WOULD MAKE MICHAEL SCUMACHER CRY IN SHEER DELIGHT!! and talk about speed, i saw this in the Imax and the race sequences (especially the end) was like SITTING ON A ROCKET, PLAYING BURNOUT PARADISE, LISTENING TO AEROSMITH, WHILE CHEWING ON A DOZEN ENERGIZER BATTERIES AND BRAKING THE SOUND BARRIER!!! The Wachowski bros have redeemed themselves from the disaster that was 'Matrix Reveloutions'. Id love a sequel but that film proves continuations are not the brothers strong points. GO WATCH!!!! AND CHECK OUT CHRISTINA RICCI.....MEEEEEGA BABE!!!!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Dark Knight Review

As a man who wasnt exactly impressed by 'Batman Begins', 'The Dark Knight' was not high on my 2008 hitlist. I was, however, drowned in an ocean of unavoidable hype to the point I resuscitated myself and swam to the nearest cinema. As a whole this film was seems the replacement of 'Batman' in the title has made the character less Batman-ny. All scenes with the caped crusader are painfully average and conventional. The choreography of his fight scenes are so plane and repetitive, it was like the video game where his fighting moves are limited to 2 buttons with the occasional combo followed by the signature move. I found him overall quite disappointing as a leading character and would have significantly lowered my rating of this film had it not been for the saving grace that is 'The Joker'. Heath Ledger gives the best villain performance I have seen in years!!! His portrayal of The Joker is disturbingly refreshing, he laughs the socks of Jack Nicholson's Joker. Seriously, everything about it was brilliant, the talk, the walk, the unscripted humour, the body language, even the way he licks his lips has an appeal..(.....Im straight, I SWEAR!!!) Had this film been called 'JOKER' and told from his perspective it probably would have been my film of the year, its a performance to be proud of as his last. Also Bale gives an amazing Bruce Wayne who in contrast to Batman is intriguing to watch. I have always been a fan of Brucie as he is different to the average "down-and-out", "pre-superpower loser", he's a successful superhero without any real super powers which gives the concept a twist that makes them more believable and makes writers work harder. Two cheers for Bruce Wayne.....oh and give one to Tony Stalk too A joy to watch for the most part and well worth the watch especially to see Ledgers FLAWLESS performance.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Iron Man Review

I gave this film an extra half a star than it really deserves because I wasn't really impressed by the trailers and was expecting it to be as lame as 'Daredevil' but by-golly (i know, i thought i'd give it a try.......sorry) it actually turned out to be a pretty sound way to spend 2hrs. Tony Stark is a refreshing character in the marvel lab, and is beautifully brought to life by Robert Downey Jr, he kicks ass. Just a difficult must it be to go loo in that suit, unless it has a little part round the crotch that automatically pops open like his mask but still pretty damn arward. The special effects are the standard every Marvel film should be, top notch (dammit, did it again). Then again, it would also need a pop-open part for the booty when u need a dump.........erm, yeaaaa. Quality film, one for the collection. Hang on, thought, why's he called "iron"man, he aint made of iron....i mean, by that logic we would call 'superman' Spandex with over-underwear sorry this is what happens when i let my brain loose. WATCH THE FILM!

Saturday, 12 July 2008