Sunday, 15 June 2008

Kung Fu Panda Review

Only a studio like Dreamworks can take a panda and successfully make him a kung fu Dragon Warrior. I mean seriously, what next, a worm that wants to be a fishing legend? a snake that dreams of playing professional football, an elephant spy with impressive stealth or even a 700 year old Waste Allocated Load Lifting robot that discovers love.....oh wait......any who, this film really was a leap out of the ordinary for Dreamworks animations. It was jammed pack, like a school boy's lunchbox whose parents think may be anorexic, with so much action and kung fu-ness but there is also a lot of heart which i find non-existent in most other Dreamwork animations. Jack Black is an AMAZING voice talent, I thought he was great in Shark Tale but absolutely SENSATIONAL in this. The voice was perfect for Po the panda and was done so well you can easily differentiate between the man and the CGI animal. One thing Dreamworks never lacks in is their actual animation skills, this film was no exception proving even the most active movements and scenes are no problem from the annoyingly talented DW team. I did find they didn't use all voice talents to their fullest. Jackie Chan and Angelina Jolie were hardly noticeable which I find strange, surely if you invest crap-loads of cash for these stars to sell your movie you should actually USE them accordingly, I think they have like 4 lines between them!! Its like paying an extra grand for one of the hot prostitutes and only getting to snuggle with her.....i would want the WORKS!!!! Oh well it aint my money........a toast to an exciting, fun, and pure kung-fuey film, cheers

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