Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Incredible Hulk Review

Its sooo unfair, when he gets angry he turns green, gets super-human strength, and suddenly appears in trendy shorts....when I get angry I grind my teeth, throw toys at people like a baby and sometimes wet myself in anger... oh well, thats life. I found this film very enjoyable mainly because Hulk had a proper villain to piss him off. The editing wasnt as impressive as the previous film with its beautiful transactions but had more hulk-action in its favor. The ending was 10x better the previous one, its what we all really wanna see, a good fist fight!! unlike the last one that ended with some flashing lights in a vortex of fog spinning about like a tornado....what the hell was that all about. was luvin the new bruce banner, Norton did him justice. Bad points about this film is the model of hulk itself was so exaggerated its ridicules, plus the face doesnt look anything like Banner. The rage is really intoxicating, upon leaving the really cold, semi-full cinema someone budged me out the way to beat me to the door...needless to say I started grinding my teeth and threw a toy at him :P

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