Monday, 30 June 2008

Get Smart Review

Now initially I had no plans of seeing this film, despite my recent rantings about my new found love for Steve Carell comedy, but as there was no decent looking films to watch on the big screen and it had been a while since I wrote a review, I decided to give it a go. I give this 3 stars out of generosity and respect to Mr. Carell because this film is actually 4 shades of poo. If a decent film was a pub dart hitting the 50 point bullseye, this film would fly right past the dartboard and catch the bartender in the neck. With every faint attempt of a joke I painfully forced out a little chuckle in hope I could fool myself into thinking this was worth my time and money. This was like an (equally as bad) American version of Johnny English, where every lame joke made you wanna slap the cinema manager and ask why (s)he allowed a film like this to step foot in the screening room!! I question Steve Carell for signing on the dotted line, seriously, did he even read the script! I guess if i squint my eyes...maybe take off my glasses, hold up two empty wine bottles and peer through I could MAYBE see how this can be a few peoples cup of tea but it was a total time waster for me. Oh well.....cant win em all Stevey

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