Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep Review

When I hatched my first Water Horse egg I dont remember it being nearly half as cute as the one in this film, in fact I seem to recall it chewing off part of my left ear, thats why I named him Tyson........oh wait......what am I talkin about!!........IM LOSIN MY MIND!!!.............I called him Charlie. Lol.

I was not drawn to this film when it came to cinemas, the whole Loch Ness monster myth has never really floated my boat (and why would it, it would just knock me over lol......sorry) but when the DVD came out boldly displaying the VFX company responsible for the creature (Weta, creators of King Kong and Gollum) I was more than a little intrigued. I bought it on Blu-ray to reap the fullness of the CGI and my God was it worth it. Every one of the many shots that presented the creature was so life-like and realistic you'd swear the director was discussing how each shot should be played with him between takes. The interaction between CGI and live characters was almost flawless and the lighting matched the environments down to a 'T'.

I think its fair to say the story itself was nothing extraordinary but was good enough to compliment the visuals. Emily Watson however, was an utter disgrace all-be-it her character was pretty dull on paper anyway, but her acting didnt help which I found to be a big standout weight holding this film down. Definately worth the watch, especially on Blu-ray with a Full HD TV. Right gotta go bathe my Water Horse and ....erm.....eventually wake up

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