Monday, 3 March 2008

Horton Hears a Who Review

If the world declared peace and marked you as the ruler of the world allowing you to have an orgy with your top 5 sexiest stars, giving you the power to end world hunger and somehow stop global warming, it still wouldnt be as great as this movie!!! This is by far the greatest animation to come out of the Blue Sky factory. Its absolutely hilarious, Jim Carrey & Steve Carell in animated form, it just screams chemistry!! This film has all round humour that will have you peeing yourself even if you just went toilet! Im pretty sure i missed a ton of jokes coz i was too busy laughing at the previous ones. It feels good to give this 5 stars without feeling like Im being too generous, id give it 6 if i could. In fact i do, ******. Take that flixster rating limitations. Best animated film of the year, I seriously dont know if Wall-E can top it. WATCH IT!!!!

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