Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Cloverfield Review

If lady liberty losing her head was the sacrifice for the birth of this magnificent film then I say off with the top of the Eifel tower, off with the hands of Big Ben, straighten up that tower of Pisa and let more great films come.The film is nothing like your typical 'Attack on America blockbuster', its not filled with corny one-liners, there is no hero with all the answers and is cliche-free. This film is genius in its simplicity, it has the balls (the story, not the monsters.....i never really saw if the monster had a pair or not) to not justify the monsters attack with some stupid far-fetched explanation. Any other movie would have a monsterologist who says something like "over there you can see a male monsterakious" and "due to global warming earth has become the perfect place for these monsters to give birth". Its simple, monsters are attacking, deal with it. The hand-held camera approach was refreshingly different although during many running moments made me feel as though I was on the titanic about to throw up all over Kate Winslet's exposed chest. Excellent movie, earned every one of its Empire given 5 star status......and for those who care, I think Jessica Lucas is a MEGABABE!!!

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