Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The Bucket List Review

It takes a lot of balls to do a film with this topic at Nicholson and Freeman's age. As if these two needed any more of my respect they went and took some more anyway.

This film is about 2 strangers who meet in hospital as they are both diagnosed with cancer, and with the few months left they have to live they decide to live out their dreams before they kick the bucket.

Both actors have reached a point in their career where they just don't have to try anymore because perfection comes naturally to them. Both performances where amazing and the chemistry between the two would make peanut butter and jelly consider marriage counseling.

A wonderful film, the only bad thing is the realization that these two heroes of film ARE actually getting on a bit (like Jackie Chan.....sniff sniff.........OH WHY CRUEL WORLD!!!! EVIL LORD OF TIME, DON'T LEAVE JACKIE SUBJECTED TO CARTOON REPRESENTATIONS AND STUPID WOOLWORTHS COMMERCIALS....sniff...HES GOT ANOTHER POLICE STORY IN HIM...I KNOW HE DOES!!...sniff..) sorry...erm....dunno what came over me....sniff....great film, a must see

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