Friday, 23 November 2007

[Rec] Review

This film was a modern day classic. When it comes to horror films I am very skeptical, Im a big fan of the horror genre and Im afraid bucket loads of blood splattering across my screen just doesnt cut the mustard anymore. [Rec] however, done in the hand-held camera style which proved very successful with 'Cloverfield', had me so far on the edge of my seat I swear I was hanging on by a few strands of butt hair (not to say i was watching this film butt-naked (its not that type of film)). I was VERY impressed with the camera work, and the acting (which was hard to keep up with due to the amount of subtitles I had to sore through) the thought-out amature shots along with the solid performances made the overall film very realistic and convincing. oh oh plus the star is a MEGABABE!! which is always a good thing. Only downside is its a bit on the short side, but definately worth your time

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